What areas do you cover?
Me & Zoo can attend your event anywhere from Sydney to Bathurst (travel fee may apply)
Do you bring all of your animals?
A selection of animals will be chosen by us to suit the event and audience. Some animals may not be available at the time of your event e.g. if one of our snakes is shedding its’ skin it should not be handled during this time. We have a large range of animals to select from to ensure we can provide a fantastic experience for you.
Are you licensed?

Yes. We are licensed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to exhibit animals at mobile establishments. Licence No. 64413

Will everyone at the party get to touch an animal?
Everyone who would like to will have the opportunity to touch one of our animals under the supervision of our animal handlers.
Do you have a crocodile?
Yes we do! We are licensed by DPI to be able to keep and exhibit our crocodile. The crocodile is definitely a show favourite!